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Disconnecting EVERY 30sec

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  • Disconnecting EVERY 30sec

    so i just started Audition again after a 3yr break and after installation i keep disconnecting every 30 seconds im fast enough to log in but as i test out a room i crash im using windows 8.1 and i have no active firewall so this is confusing the hell outta me
    any way of fixing this would be much appreciated!
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    You should try to reinstall the game over Steam, i think there is something messed up with your game files.
    Delete it, download steam and search for "Audition Online" and press "Install."
    Tell me if the method works for you.

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      Did just that yet still disconnects after i hit the first key in any game mode ill check the integrity of game cache

      ok just checked it still Disconnecting after it installed 3 missing files this is quite a conundrum lol
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