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And another Thread about VSync

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  • And another Thread about VSync

    Hellow my fellow qt's.

    So after pretty much browsing through all of those topics here I still can't find to seem a working solution to force vsync off and go beyond 60fps and that disgusting 16ms delay.

    Btw kudos to the spacelag guide with crystaldisk info.

    So I have an ati card - neither ccc, Radeon pro nor ati tray tools seems to take any effect. Is there anyone willing to spend some time working out the issue with me? Since I mainly play BU / BB this issue is fairly devastating in terms of enjoyment and performance.

    I'm running windows 10 x64 - mainly full screen (can't stretch it to wide screen either Lmao....)

    Testing audition pvs allowed me to go over 800fps (and yes I know that amount is already obsolete but the difference in being so sloppy vs. Butter smooth with 1ms delay is pretty remarkable.)

    I'd love to stay on redbana so please folks help me out a little.

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    Catalyst never works on Windows versions after XP. Last I checked, RadeonPro worked but triggered an X-Trap error lol.
    Tray Tools should still be okay though, but I know at least 3 other users who are having trouble with it in Windows 10.

    Which GPU do you have? I've tested Tray Tools on a 4670 and R9 290 in Windows 10 x64 and they both worked fine. I don't know what exactly is causing the issue :(

    Stretching to full screen shouldn't be an problem though, check the Catalyst settings. If you're using a recent version like Omega or Crimson it should be under Display, Scaling Mode - Full Panel.

    If you have a discrete card, also consider a monitor "overclock" with ToastyX CRU.

    Leebyn Greentlover
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      appreciate the quick reply.

      I'm using the 15.xx ish legacy CCC drivers since the crimson ones ****ed up my gpu for quite a lot.

      I've got the AMD Radeon HD 8650G + HD 8600M Dual Graphics where as i tried disabling the dual graphics for audition, only using them seperately

      ye i'll figuere the full screen out somewhat but the whole FPS cap already keeps me busy for days now. I really want that shet fixed. lmfao

      edit: when globally disabling the dual graphics thing while having ati tray tools running it pops the "Audition has stopped working" on startup
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        Ah, okay. Sorry, I don't have first hand experience on the APU side unfortunately. The issue might be with the dual graphics, so the most direct solution may be to disable the 8650G APU graphics and use the discrete GPU 86xxM only; however with linked adapter setup this may soft brick your notebook so I can't really advise doing so lol.

        In the past Tray Tools worked with APU graphics alone, so maybe if you could find a driver that supported the A10-5750 and not the 86xxM it might work better.

        Catalyst 15.x has scaling options under "Digital Flat Panel" if I'm not mistaken.

        Leebyn Greentlover
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          Sooo basically I'm doomed to FPS Cap hell until i switch mę machine. Well that sucks lmfao


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            Well, not necessarily, I just don't know an easy fix. :( As you've found out, drivers are hard to pick because you have non-GCN APU graphics + a GCN 1.0 GPU in linked adapter configuration.
            Audition crashing with Tray Tools can be a good sign, it means something is working to a certain point.

            Things you can try in order of increasing annoyance
            • Disable/Uninstall the 8600M via Device Manager. Make sure you can get to Safe Mode if you lose your display image.
            • Uninstall your Catalyst completely, Tray Tools can work without Catalyst. Use something like DDU. This will probably mess up your performance in other games, but this is how I got a HD4670 to work in Windows 10 on a non-functioning Catalyst 13.x
            • Install Windows 7. All the working APU cases I know of are in Windows 7 and not 8/8.1/10, so maybe Tray Tools is less finicky there?
            • Flash a custom BIOS for the option to disable your 8650G - search your notebook model, maybe someone out there made one? This is fairly risky to do and may or may not solve your Audition problem. It'll probably help you in other games though lol. MSI GX70 has one.
            and then we can all pray that the Audition developers add a V-Sync toggle option to the launcher.
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            Leebyn Greentlover
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              I think Redbana considers Tray Tools a hacking program, no?

              If that's the case, the only other way you can consistently get vsync turned off is by only purchasing hardware with NVIDIA GPU's.


              • Skillful
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                So is NVIDIA Control Panel a hacking program too?

              • Leebyn
                Leebyn commented
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                As far as I know, no. In the past, they've even been very responsive to revert X-Trap updates that break ATI Tray Tools support, despite it not being an official driver.