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Cannot find "Beginner" Server

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  • Cannot find "Beginner" Server

    Hi, My friend shows me Audition, And tells me there are many servers "Free 1," "Free 2", "Beginner", "Expert", etc.

    But when I launch the game, I only have available "Free" and "Tournament"

    All peoples play on 200 000 Bpm with 15 keys Rofl. Also said have a 72 bpm song, But I can find minimum 80 bpm song!!

    Does anybody know? I cannot find information. Some people have "Begginner" server, some don't But I need it!

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    Beginner server doesn't exist on this game.
    And 80bpm is slowest song on this server.
    Audition SEA is probably what you're looking for.
    I think they have all the things you mentioned.
    Hope this helps
    Aleigator 71 Oblivion; If I can't move Heaven, I'll raise hell.


    • OnlyHuman
      OnlyHuman commented
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      Thanks so much for the answer!! Is Audition SEA available on English Language? o: My friend told me its called "Audition Online", So I was confused I see sometimes on videos of "Audition Online" people entering the "Beginner" Server!

    • Alei
      Alei commented
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      I don't know much about Audition SEA but I know a lot of people do speak english there. < That's the other server.
      But, we're also happy to have you on Redbana too if you so wish to join. No beginner channel here but plenty of beginners playing who'd be happy to play with you also!

    • xRias
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      Audition goes extinct.
      The game has hardly any players, it has become boring.
      Just one question is the time until the game is closed.