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  • Lag?

    I don't really know how to explain this and have submitted a ticket before, and video does no justice to showing my problem. Basically, my fps and internet is fine, all at 60 fps and never spikes but when I hit space it feels like mud and I can never perf, but my fps is never going down at all? My fps and internet is fine so why is this happening? Normal people or the below average player can probably still get about 10 perfs in a game meanwhile I can never get past 5 anymore. I used to be able to chain high and fam battled often but it's impossible for me now. It happened a few months ago while I was in game. I was playing and everything was fine but then mid way during the game my fps dropped by 20 and I wasn't able to perf anymore because it felt like mud. I started to restart until my fps was fixed but my problem still continued. At first I thought it was server lag so I decided to wait a bit, but it's been about 3 months and my problem still persists. It's all a peculiar problem to me and never really knew how to explain it. My game is running on SSD too.

    Basically what I told their support team in the past..

    nvidia gtx 970m
    intel core i7-6700hq @ 2.60ghz
    windows 10 64bit
    16gb ram

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    I experienced the same issue few years ago when I got my headset(yes, headset got me lagging before). I installed the driver that comes with headset installation for a better sound quality and after installing it I got a huge delay hitting space.
    May you consider there's an driver/software running and causing the problem while you're playing audi ...?
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    • Etc
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      I thought it might be that too, cause I did infact that day, install razer surround sound but after disabling it, it was still the same :\

    • Leebyn
      Leebyn commented
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      Good thought. The same thing happened to me before when Razer Surround was first released so I uninstalled it right away, but maybe they improved it since then? I also had some timing issues with virtual 5.1/7.1 USB headsets so now I only buy the 3.5mm ones for consistency lol.

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    That's very odd.
    Does it happen in every mode? and if you play other rhythm games, is there the same issue?

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      What SSD do you use? Can you download "AS SSD Benchmark" and run a test?
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        I ended up uninstalling razer surround sound instead of uninstalling and it fixed it. Thanks for the help!

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