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  • FPS drop

    So i got my new pc, but i get random fps drop in game LF>Fix

    Specs (Edit)

    16gb ram
    gtx 1080
    i7 7700k
    (Edit) Windows 10 64b

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    Do you have a SSD? If not, get one
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    • Pentacidal
      Pentacidal commented
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      Yes I do have SSD, should I move my audi folder to my SSD? or do i redl everything and put it there?

    • Skillful
      Skillful commented
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      Yes... Just move your audi folder to your SSD, it will work. Don't need to redownload everything.
      Maybe the problem is not your hard disk, but if you have SSD why not use it? (since Audition lags often in hard disk)

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    Your issue is so vague. Can you elaborate more?
    When does the spike happen? In every move/space?

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    • Pentacidal
      Pentacidal commented
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      No, like when im in game, during playing / afking, my fps would just drop out of nowhere

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    wait.. people care about their fps when theyre afk? odam.


    • Pentacidal
      Pentacidal commented
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      thats not the point.

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    ^ SSD is a good idea as mentioned by Skillful

    FPS fluctuations also might be idle clocks due to C-states and Intel Speedstep because Audition isn't demanding enough to load the processor lol. You can either disable these options in your BIOS UEFI (look for the lines called EIST, C States [it'll say something like 'C7' by default]) or you can set your Power Option (under Control Panel) to High Performance - it defaults to minimum processor state at 100%. You can also set this manually under the advanced options if you want a different power plan or you have a different customized one.

    If that's already set or it doesn't help, check your concurrent running processes/programs for short bursts of activity like antivirus scans. For example, I had an issue with Garena plus messenger that made me randomly spike until I found it after 3 months :| lol


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