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  • No Bars?

    Okay I wasn't sure if I should create this post here or in the Bug Reports section but I have been experiencing problems with no bars when i'm in a game, I've tried Guitar, Beat Rush and CC4 and still no bars are shown. This has been going on since 11/24/15 and I've never seen something like this before.
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    Update .NET framework by Microsoft. If you already have it, try repairing it.


    • Unnie
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      hmm I'll try that if I can find it...

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    Hey ! The error is usually solved updating/reinstalling your NET.Framework,restarting your comp or repatching the game

    Related threads :

    creds to Leebyn

    Originally posted by Random View Post
    If you are attempting to do the repatch option, I'm assuming your friend knows how to repatch the game but just incase they dont

    Option 1 Download manual patch on audifan here

    Option 2-Repatch Audition using regedit

    Make sure Audition is closed before you do this.
    1. Search for regedit.exe in the search tab, and open it
    2. On the left hand side:Click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER
    3. Find the Software folder
    4. Find the Redbana folder
    5. Click on Audition.
    6. On the right hand side there will be a another menu : Double click on VERSION at the bottom
    7. A small grey window will pop up, select Decimal!
    8. Type in a version number at less value. Right now we're on patch 10299 so go a few numbers back such as 10297,10296 etcetc to go back x number of patches.
    9. Click OK
    10. Click on Audition again and it will repatch to the most updated version
    Option 3: Download xpatcher>fix audition>repatch
    Post back if her issue was fixed or still continuing after referring to the other thread(s). B)


    • Jennyfur.
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      yeah the slow moving character eventually goes away, idk like 1-2 days or even less

    • Leebyn
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      Your arrows/bar look fine and smooth, but the character animations look choppy right? that also can be a .NET Framework issue.

    • Unnie
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      Yeah, I think right now it looks okay now. Unless I just got used to it fast.

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    hey nice, i got d.ced about 4 times today for some x trap error. idernno why we have updates and maint every week, kind of useless

    *****tbh i have this problem on my w8 laptop all the time, i just shutoff and go to sleep then log back on next month and its back to normal.
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    • Leebyn
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      Which X-Trap error was it? The weekly maintenance are updates for the game server itself, X-Trap doesn't get updated as often since it's a separate entity.
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