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Space lag and framerate spikes - RAMDisk Guide (Updated)

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  • Space lag and framerate spikes - RAMDisk Guide (Updated)

    Running Audition from a RAM Disk
    Originally by Weenie

    I. Introduction

    Originally posted by Weenie View Post
    First off, this won't help you if your average fps is always low (slow video card), or you have network lag caused by a bad wireless network or isp (slow internet).

    If you suffer from random 0 fps spikes or frame skipping it's typically because your hard drive isn't able to locate and run the sound files fast enough (a common issue especially among laptop drives). A paid solution would be to upgrade to a faster hard drive, but a free solution would be to install Audition directly into your RAM.
    I'm just updating Weenie's RAMDisk guide. Audition's client file size has grown a lot over the years and we need to use a RAMDisk program without the 4GB limit.
    Dataram RAMDisk is only 1 of many utilities that allow you to use your RAM as a drive in Windows.

    I do NOT recommend using a RAMDisk for Audition unless you have at least 6GB of RAM. Audition as a program probably only uses 1GB of RAM but after using 4.6GB to store Audition client files on the RAMDisk, you do still need some for Windows operating system and any other processes you may be running.

    II. What are our options?

    Some motherboards actually have a built-in RAMdisk utility!
    • ASRock has Xfast RAM which allows up to 8GB and this is integrated in the AsRock Extreme Tuning Utility, available on many boards.
    • MSI has a RAMDisk utility built into the MSI Command Center, listed as unlimited. (It'll reserve a portion of your total RAM capacity for normal function but let you use the rest of it, so on 8192MB RAM it'll let you set 5792MB) It's available on many lower end motherboards.
    • Asus higher end motherboards (RoG series) have an unlimited RAMDisk as well.
    MSI Z87-G41 Example

    If you have one of these motherboards, I would recommend using them over other freeware utilities. Motherboard RAMDisk utilities might be easier to use, because the process of setting up a RAMDisk can start while your Windows is booting - so it takes less setup time, and you can configure the data to be restored upon reboot as needed.

    If you don't have such hardware, no worries, we're going to use something called ImDisk.

    III. Download from the original site

    ImDisk is located here on - by Olof Lagerkvist
    Pick up the current stable version which should be a relatively small (under 500kb) file called imdiskinst.exe

    IV. ImDisk Installation
    1. Double click on the imdiskinst.exe executable which will open a prompt that says
      "This will install ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver with the imdisk.exe command line tool and a Control Panel applet. Continue?"
    2. Click Yes.
    3. You'll see a small window briefly appear and disappear in the top left corner and then a confirmation message.
      "Setup finished successfully. Open ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver applet in Control Panel or use imdisk command line to manage your virtual disks!"
    4. And you're done!

    V. Configuration

    Pick either the GUI or command line instructions, you don't need to use both.

    GUI version
    longer method
    You can read this one first to see what exactly we're doing, but I recommend the command line for routine use.

    Command line version
    shorter method

    Check your "My Computer" or "This Computer" on Windows 8+ and you should see the RAMDisk drive you just made.
    If you open your Task Manager, you'll also notice that a lot more of your RAM is being used.

    VI. Put Audition on it!

    All you need to do now is copy your Audition folder to the new RAMDisk drive.
    Usually Audition is installed at C:\Program Files (x86)\Redbana\Audition or C:\Program Files\Redbana\Audition for the Redbana client or C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Audition Online for the Steam client.
    Be sure to COPY and not move or cut/paste. The RAMDisk drive is volatile, which means all the data on it will be deleted when you shut down or reboot.
    The copying process should take only a few minutes.

    After it's done copying, you need to run the patcher.exe from the RAMDisk drive folder, and it will launch Audition from the RAMDisk drive.

    VII. Notes about RAMDisk

    If you use these steps, you'll need to set up the RAMDisk every time you boot your computer.
    Remember that all data on that drive is lost when you shut down/restart your computer, which includes any screenshots you take within Audition (with PrtSc key) and replay files, and even new patches. Be sure to move those files somewhere if you want to keep them.
    ALWAYS patch your main Audition installation first before copying it over to the RAMDisk. If you apply patches when using the RAMDisk folder, you will need to repatch your main Audition folder the next time you reboot or create the RAMDisk.

    Repatch instructions:
    1. Run regedit
      (Windowskey+R, type "regedit", click OK)
    2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Redbana\Audition
    3. Right click on "VERSION" in the right pane and click "Modify..."
    4. Change the radio option to Decimal and change the number back depending on which version you need to repatch
      For example, if we're on 10295, you might want to change it to 10291 to let it download and patch 10292-10295 again.
    5. Click OK, then run the patcher.exe again.
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    VIII. For advanced users
    Check out this guide by k1net1cs from the guru3d forums.
    There are instructions to set up page files and to keep the RAMDisk across reboots (really handy!)

    IX. Credits

    Weenie and the original RAMDisk guide.
    k1net1cs over at guru3d for older ImDisk guide before the GUI was implemented
    David Rueter for the command line parameter for physical memory
    Olof Lagerkvist for providing these open source utilities for everyone

    Feel free to post any questions, suggestions, feedback, and corrections.

    Posted 9 August 2015
    fixed command line parameters d'oh~!
    moar text
    2017 - Fixed all the broken photobucket links - moved to imgur hosting.

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      one more for me I guess

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        Nice guide Andrew.
        Now ship me 8GB+ RAM


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          Thanks Leo!

          Actually DDR3 RAM prices are dropping a lot recently, here we can get 2x4GB for under $40 USD again, hopefully it'll go back to ~$25 like it was 2-3 years ago lol.

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        The benefits of owning an SSD... no regrets..


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            No problem! I'm still tweaking it a little bit but I promised I'd put it up for you :)