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How to fix lag spike problems (Less than 4gb ram edition)

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  • How to fix lag spike problems (Less than 4gb ram edition)

    Hi guys, I'm some random guy who used to play this game a long time ago. I was reading the section about using that RAMDisk program and thought, well, as games get updated, they sure get bigger. I'm sure most people don't want to spend 11 dollars (oh the irony) so here's someone else's proposal that I got from a different game that I play (I don't know the original post because it was sent like a chain letter). It works for me, but I can't guarantee that it will work for everyone.

    PRIOR WARNING BEFORE USING THIS GUIDE: Changing hardware settings outside of factory settings may slightly negatively impact the lifespan of your hardware.

    First of all, this lag spike thing does NOT apply to "how to increase your fps past 60." That's a different problem and therefore, a wrong solution for you. It does however, apply to those who get the whole "Yeah! I put in all the buttons somehow! Time to hit the space bar or ctrl to get a nice perfect! *LAG SPIKE* WTF THE GAME IS BROKE!!!11"

    1) Go to this page and download the program called "CrystalDiskInfo." The option you want is the Standard Edition portable w/o ads, unless you want ads, then that works too.

    2) Install the program anywhere you want.

    3) Open DiskInfo.exe.

    4) Go to the Function option on the menu bar.

    5) Select Advanced Feature and make the options of your Advanced Features exactly like mine.

    6) Now in that Advanced Feature option, select "AAM/APM Control" and another window will appear.

    In the picture above, choose your harddrive that this version of Audition is installed on. Under Advanced Power Management (APM), take the slider bar and raise it to the maximum performance so that it says FEh. Click ENABLE.

    7) Now your games shouldn't spike like crazy. You may still feel some minor lag spikes, such as a 10 frame drop or something, but the game is now consistently playable.

    If this doesn't work for you, try restarting your computer. If it still doesn't work for you, TOO BAD. As I told you, this might not work for EVERYONE.

    1) Install CrystalDiskInfo (google it yourself)
    2) Go to function > advance feature > Auto AAM/APM Adaption
    3) Go to function > advance feature > AAM/APM Control
    4) Choose your hd and take the APM slider and move it all the way to the right ------>
    5) Click enable and close the box
    6) yay

    Common Questions Section:
    A: I said it doesn't work for everyone.

    A: Leave them there. If you close them....

    A: lol

    Q: *You're
    A: sarcasm

    Q: This was already posted before, you idiot!
    A: oh

    Thanks for haifrosch for reminding me of the ramifications of forcibly changing hardware settings. Like he/she has said, it is true that changing the APM or the Advanced Power Management for your harddrive could lead to the shortening of the lifespan of the hardware. It's basically like this: increase performance of hard drive read speed in exchange for the lifespan of the hardware decreasing.

    Thanks for reading my awful writing. If it really doesn't work and you have enough space to install 16 gb of ram, do the ramdisk setup. OR if you can find a bargain bin Solid State Drive (SSD) and it's bigger than 8 gb (for the future, even though Redbana Audition is only around 4.3 gb), install that SSD into your computer and install Audition there. External SSDs connected via USB Port 3.0 also work fairly well as well.
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    -tries this when I get my computer back-
    thanks for posting!!!
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      You should explain what APM does and how these changes will affect your whole system/hard drive. Changing hardware setings should not be treated as something trivial and without any cautious.
      People need to be aware any risks they take by doing this (they usually don't)

      APM in general:
      - APM stands for "Advanced Power Management" and is a feature used in hard drive disks (HDD). The goal of APM is to save energy/lower the power consumption of your HDD and to extend its life by decreasing the performance.
      - APM is often disabled if your HDD does "clicking" or "tick tick tick " noises. It happens when the drive head parks to often.

      What does that mean for me if i make this change?
      - Potentially higher disk performance (less delays on drive reads) in exchange for more power consumption/slightly lower life span.

      I expect this setting (max slider to the right) to already be the default setting for most people so nothing too tragic if you decide to change it. Just be aware of what you're doing and you should be fine


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        Update: This actually was the reason why i had massive space lags recently (something must have messed with it and turned the slider to the middle). After countless hours of looking for a solution (full defrag + optimization, full chkdsk scan, check if it is the pagefile/RAM, checked if CPU slows down because of overheat etc.) i was pretty sure it had to be the HDD.

        And yeah turning it back to default (all to the right) my space lags were finally resolved.


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          has any1 else tried this

          ign: Pervert


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            Can report this method still works perfectly, even tho I have way more ram than 4gb, cheers man!
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