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[Guide] Nvidia Performance/Quality Settings 2015 Edition

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  • [Guide] Nvidia Performance/Quality Settings 2015 Edition

    Nvidia Performance/Quality Settings
    2015 Edition

    1/13/2015 - Updated to 2015 Edition, Nvidia added new modes to Nvidia Control Panel. Changed some settings for both performance/quality.

    This guide is for Nvidia graphic card owners. Please make sure to keep your graphic card up to date at so you'll less likely run into errors when playing games. Keeping your graphic card drivers up-to-date is always important so your graphic card's performance will be top-notch.

    This guide will be similar to GrieverXVII's 2010 guide on what settings to choose for either performance or quality game-play. But there has been some changes since then so I thought I would remake a new guide.

    GreieverXVII's 2010 Nvidia Control Panel Guide
    Please read the F.A.Q first if you have questions on what this is about or how this works.

    Q: How do I know what graphics card I have?
    Step 1: Click on the windows icon on your desktop.
    Step 2: Type in dxdiag in the windows search bar.
    Step 3: A screen will pop-up, telling you what computer components to have, refer to this picture to know what graphic card your computer has.

    Q: How do I change the settings for either performance or quality?
    Step 1: Right-click on your computer desktop. Click on 'NVIDIA Control Panel'.
    Step 2: Refer to this picture to know where to change your settings for either performance/quality game-play.

    Q: What is this performance/quality thing? Will this improve my game-play?
    A: Not all computers are built the same so some people may have to tweak with some settings in their graphic card control panel. Will this improve your game-play? Depends. Read the guide below to see/decide what settings are best for your computer.

    Q: I'm capped at 60fps in Audition, will this guide help me remove the 60fps cap? (For some, it may be 75fps)
    A: Depends on your graphics card. If you have an AMD graphics card this guide shall help you remove your 60 fps cap.
    Leebyn's guide about monitor refresh rates

    If you have a Nvidia graphic card, read below.

    Please remember to play in full-screen to have higher fps. If you play Audition in window mode with a Nvidia graphics card, it will not allow you to have high fps.

    Q: How do I know what my frame rates (fps) is in Audition?
    A: Click the keys (Ctrl+Alt+F) to have it on or off. Your fps results will show in the top-left hand corner in-game.

    Q: My Audition graphics doesn't seem that great, what can I do to make it look better?
    A: Please read the 'Quality Setting' guide below, this may help improve how your Audition graphics look. Remember, not everyone has the same graphic card, some graphic card have better graphic performance than others.

    Q: My Audition game-play is so laggy, is there a way to have a smoother game-play?
    A: Please read the 'Performance Setting' guide below, this may help you improve your game-play overall in Audition. Even if you do not have a Nvidia graphics card, remember to prioritize performance over quality in graphic settings if you have game-play issues.

    Performance Setting

    You want to have these settings if you know your computer struggles to perform well with Audition. Prioritize performance over quality to get the best performance in your game-play.

    Turning V-Sync on/off is an option, however if you have V-Sync turned off you'll most likely go pass the 60fps in Audition. I prefer to have my V-Sync turned off for smoother game-play.

    You might reach max fps in Audition if you have these settings, but it will also depend on what graphic card/other computer related components you have.

    SS showing what max FPS looks like (200 fps):
    Quality Setting

    If you know you have a graphic card that can handle Audition at high quality settings, you can set your graphic card settings to this. If this decreases your game-play performance, then this setting is not for your graphics card.

    Example what High-Quality Audition screenshots look like

    You want to have these settings if you plan on taking screenshots for people so you can get high-quality screenshots.

    More example what quality setting can do:

    As you can tell, when the quality settings is turned on, you see smoother graphics compared to the one without quality setting. If you look closely at Kisia's hair, you can tell with the 'Quality Settings ON', there is more texture and shine to the character's hair.

    Your quality may or may not look the same as mine, remember, everyone has different graphic cards, some have higher graphic performance than others.

    Some people can have these high-quality settings and still have Audition performing well. However, everyone's computer is different so set what's best for your computer hardware.

    That sums up the guide, if you have any questions regarding Nvidia performance/quality settings, feel free to ask me and I'll try my best to answer your question.
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      wow thanks for this guide!
      Arsyn x Crimson


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        thank you!
        Allure & Volturi_____________________________________


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          nicely done, you be awesome
          I'm a born hater.


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            Updated to 2015 Edition

            - New Nvidia update added new modes to Nvidia Control Panel.

            - Updated both Performance & Quality pictures.

            Make sure to keep your graphic drivers up-to-date!


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              my Nvidia card won't save the settings, i'm a total noob when it comes to these kind of things... how do i get higher FPs? i tried changing it but it goes back to default.
              please help
              Click image for larger version

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              • Leebyn
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                It looks like you're using a laptop with NVIDIA Optimus (Lenovo Z50/70 or Yoga?) You have the first 2 sections of the NVIDIA Control Panel filled out correctly (#1. and #2.) Under 3, you can set all the options listed in the first post of this thread, and then click the Apply button that shows up at the bottom of that Window. That should save your settings. The most important one for framerates is "Vertical sync" which you set to "Off".

                Right now Optimus is kind of buggy for Audition, so it might not force v-sync off if it doesn't properly switch to the NVIDIA graphics. You can check it in game by putting quality settings (specifically Anti-aliasing) in the NVIDIA Control Panel and seeing if the character models / graphics in game have jagged or smooth edges.

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              Hey, i am currently using Nvidia GTX 660M and i usually run other games on 200+ fps but for some reasons, even with the performance setting, i cannot get Audi FPS above 60. Do you think you could help? Thank you in advance.


              • Meigo
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                I guess it's the nvidia + intel. I also can't find a fix for that in a friend's laptop

              • Hickeys
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                Oh, i see. Thank you! What are some of the potential fixes that i could try?
                And i am running the game on full screen mode.
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              • Leebyn
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                Make sure your Control panel power settings are on High Performance.
                In the NVIDIA driver 3D Settings, if you make a individual settings for Audition, pick High Performance NVIDIA Processor from the drop down menu. These 2 steps should be all that's necessary to force v-sync off, but most of the time it doesn't work.

                If you have Dell/Alienware laptop there's actually a BIOS option to only use the dedicated GPU, that's your best bet. Even if you don't, check your BIOS just in case - but in most cases the options are "Optimus" or "Intel only".

                Uninstall your current graphics drivers with DDU and then installing the oldest available graphics driver specific to your laptop model and see if that works. If it does, never update it lol. If not, try using the driver directly from the NVIDIA support.

                For Windows 7 there's a registry tweak but I'm not sure if those values persist through newer Windows versions 8/8.1/10.

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              I am having trouble as well. I remember that I was able to put "quality" over performance and just by turning off Vertical sync, and running Audi full screen, I was able to get around 120+ fps. Now, it seems like I'm capped at 60, no matter what settings I use. Is it possible for me to be able to quality over performance, and still get around 120 fps just like before?