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X-Trap Errors and Possible Solutions

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    Help Plis..... !


    • Meigo
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      Is it really Redbana Audition ?

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    The X-TRAP said that it found out some programme will be affected the game
    Then it shut up itself
    but it did not show what the programme is
    How could I solve it


    • Leebyn
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      Are you using any of the programs listed here?

      Originally posted by Leebyn View Post
      Programs confirmed to conflict with X-Trap
      (in no particular order, probably will be alphabetical)
      • Andy (android emulator)
      • League of Legends (Garena only)
      • Lavasoft security programs
      • Maplestory (Nexon)
      • Open Broadcaster Software (Game Capture only, you must use Window or Monitor capture)
      • QS/1 (pharmacy program lol)
      • Raptr overlay
      • Sandboxie
      • Talktalk overlay (Garena)
      • World in Audition EN (rarely triggers, but it does happen)
      If not, you might have to try disabling your active programs one by one to see which is the culprit. The ones that are most likely are programs that have in-game overlays or affect your graphics or affect your network connection.

    • coreycorey
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      After I uninstall sandboxie i can play now thank you very much !

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    Posting it on behalf of a friend of mine



    System: Windows 8.1 Pro

    Steps i tried:

    - Deleting/Updating X-Trap folder
    - Run "Audition.exe" as admin and Windows 7 compatibility mode
    - Disabling Norton Antivirus (including firewall)
    - Uninstalling Norton Antivirus (and then disable Windows Firewall & Windows Defender)
    - The Internet Options "Reset"

    There are not really any other programs running as far as i can tell. Any ideas?

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    • Leebyn
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      Looks like you've covered all the common issues -
      I had one case where there was a router firewall (ISP provided router, had a firmware/security update that messed things up), maybe check that if they have access to it. Another idea is to try a VPN (like Tunnelbear or something) after patching to isolate whether it is a network issue or program/process conflict but these cases are more likely to be a network one.

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    Hey i have a problem with a x-trap. Can someone help me please ? >_<
    X-Trap: Code Field : 10-0300-00000000-200
    The access to X-Trap patch server is unstable or X-Trap update wasn't able to un properly. Please, restart game.
    Help pls qq


    • Leebyn
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      Hiya, looks like you have the same issue as described in the previous post, can you tell me which fixes you've tried already? and which Windows version you're using?

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    This showed up after my update in Audition.
    i need help. im using windows 7. no anti virus program.


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      Originally posted by Ruree View Post
      This showed up after my update in Audition.
      i need help. im using windows 7. no anti virus program.
      Your X-Trap error is pointing out "GoogleChrome.exe" as the conflicting program. I think Google Chrome's executable is actually named "chrome.exe" so I would check to make sure that isn't some imposter program.

      Open your Task Manager (you can press Ctrl + Shift + Esc), go to the Processes tab, right click on GoogleChrome.exe if it's there, and click "Open File Location". It should go to the location where you installed Chrome (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application or something similar). If it doesn't, it might be malicious and you should get rid of it.

      Run a Malwarebytes scan to see if it picks up any other processes. It's a good idea to install some sort of antivirus too once you resolve your error.

      If everything seems to be alright there, close any other programs or unnecessary processes and try running Audition again. X-Trap can get picky with processes that involve overlays, graphics, etc.


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