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  • Couple Bank Account

    Couple Bank Account has been added (for a while hehe, so this is the full version of it's features)

    • A new content for couples which allow them to share Beats.
    • A couple can upgrade their account and acquire rewards by clearing missions together.
    • Couple Bank encourages users to spend their BEATS to increase garden item consumption.
    Couple Account Activation
    • Couple Account item can be found in Couple Garden > Shop > Item tab.
    • The price is 5,000 Bana cash ( 30 days, 90 days, and 365 days).
    • After purchasing the Couple Account, its button is added in Couple Garden as above. (same structure as the Mandrake Room and Puzzle Room)
    • ​The Couple Account button is only displayed in Couple Garden. (Not displayed in Secret Garden, Puzzle Room, and Mandrake Room)
    • The duration of purchased Couple Account is displayed in "My Item" tab.
    • The account UI is opened after clicking the Couple Account button. The UI displays when the item will expire.
    • Once the item is expired, deposit, withdrawal, and using balance become unavailable.
    • ​The data is refreshed every time the account UI is open. (It’s better to open the UI whenever a transaction is made.)

      If you need any help, The Help UI is accessible by clicking the question mark icon at the top right corner of the Couple Account UI.
      It looks like this:

      ^originally posted by HeadLights
    Couple Account Features:

    Couples can deposit and withdraw BEATS to each others accounts using the Couple Bank Account

    Ratings include :
    • NORMAL
    • Each rating consists of 3 Couple Garden requirements at random.
    • Requirements can consist of acquiring garden points, depositing BEATS and purchasing garden items with the couple account balance as well as watering , dusting , fertilizing , planting and harvesting saplings/flowers.
    • Make sure "COUPLE ACCOUNT BALANCE" payment option is checked upon completing requirements that require you to purchase or deposit with BEATS or else you will not be able to complete it.
    • For each rating upgrade , the greater the reward quality becomes.
    • You can only claim one prize at a time for every Couple Account Upgrade (not every item that's visible)
    • You can upgrade from NORMAL to ROYAL an unlimited amount of times until the Couple Bank item expires.
    • Couple Bank ratings reset back to NORMAL Rating after completing ROYAL Rating requirements.
    • Spoiler: All options of rewards after completing ROYAL Rating
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