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    Maybe I should introduce myself again
    I am Jakup and im the new Community Agent for Redbana Audition
    In this tutorial I want to show guys how to make some tweaks for Audition to gain a better performance.
    I am not responsible for any damage (xD)
    I decided to make videos instead of a long text, its more comfortable for me because im not the best one for writing tutorials.

    HOW TO TURN OFF V-Sync (Nvidia)

    Dont forget that turning off V-Sync only works for full mode.
    For Window Mode you need to overclock your monitor to get a higher mhz.

    Turning OFF Net. Framework 4.7

    More things will be coming later.

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    changing files inside the game folder is against the rules,
    better u read the rules first, before teach ppl wrong stuff
    best CA :B

    Walking with you<3
    Yag / FC


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      Make a video teaching, how to do this in beat up bro
      Click image for larger version

Name:	2016_1_7_21.14.22.jpg
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      Walking with you<3
      Yag / FC


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        Make a video teaching us how to win expert getting last place bro, tristian(Jakup) ur god!
        Click image for larger version

Name:	12307355_979083062163288_6221349048853585058_o.jpg
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        Walking with you<3
        Yag / FC


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          Thank you for your feedback.
          This tutorial was meant to help out the people who have perfomance issues related to this game and your post is not topic-related.
          Everyone have their own mind but people need to accept the things.
          But im still thankful for your comment.
          I wish you a nice day.



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          And there is an easier way to gain more FPS. It works on Windowed and Fullscreen. Nvidia is ****.


          • Jxkup
            Jxkup commented
            Editing a comment

            Could you maybe tell me?
            Please be aware that i just show methods what are not against the rules of Redbana Audition.
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