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2018 Event Ideas for Audi?

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  • 2018 Event Ideas for Audi?

    Refer a Friend Event ?

    I noticed audi's been dead, Maybe to revive it Audi can host a 10 day event with a high cash prize for the person who referred the most amount of people. My Idea of how Audi would tell who was referred by who is the Newly reffered member can submit upon creating their Avatar on audi the name IGN of the person who referred them. Audi should have a point system located next to peoples names for the number of people refferred. The Newly reffered member must log on for the next 10 days and play at least 2 times with the person who reffered them in a game.
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    This suggestion sounds great, online for 10 days and at least 2 games with the player who referred them sound reasonable. Maybe more than 1 winner?
    I hope this suggestion gets approved!


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      Good idea! We can look into some referral type of event.


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        more exp event to the players. EXP X2/X3/X4 like audition thailand. I don't know why redbana audition doesn't like to see people spamming high level.