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  • Entering 2018 Positively!

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    It's a new year for all of us and all of us have ideas & I wanna hear from my fellas.
    I want you guys to reply to this thread of what additions you want, what should change, how Redbana can improve, etc.
    The more detail the better loves.
    e.g. Better songs - mainstream (-lists famous celebrities-)

    Hate comments will be ignored.
    Lastly, please note just because you've posted your suggestion here, it does not mean it'll actually happen.
    Just want players' POV & personally just to feed my own curiosity.

    Have a bomb day or night

    daibetes x alkhurma // j.y.

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    the thing AuditionPVS has for gardening where you don’t have to click on the seed multiple times to plant you just click it once and it will let you plant until you run out of seeds or all your slots are filled with seeds 🙃
    Arm Leg


    • Daisy
      Daisy commented
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      One touch seeds ?!?!?!?

    • Anarchy
      Anarchy commented
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      Exactly. It's One Touch Seeds.

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    - What about we have these stuffs in-game 2018?

    Mission Book Renewal
    2nd Mission Book Renewal (Mission Shop, Mission's Levels: Master & Legend & New Missions)
    Love Party Plus
    Heart Reduced 5 to 3
    Maestros Levels
    Maestro Mode Item
    Shooting Star Mode
    Mascot Salon
    Story Mode - Secret Episode 61~90
    Go Go Club Stage
    Special Set - Digital Love
    Gift Box Update (Shopping Mall and Mascot salon)
    Gift Box Diego (BANACASH)
    Photo Studio Renewal
    Fam Battle Renewal
    Switch Mark Renewal 2nd
    Secret Garden Renewal

    - We can bring these songs back!

    The Frail - Addicted
    The Frail - Heartbeats
    Shapes of Race Cars - World's End
    We Are Leo - Heartbeats
    Timeflies - Lose My Mind
    Sarah Ozelle - Bye Bye Baby
    DiRTY RADiO - My Heart Ft. Sherry St. Germain
    DiRTY RADiO - Wanna Ride (Radio Cut)
    Allison Iraheta - Friday I'll Be Over You
    Yellowcard - Light Up The Sky
    Maximo Park - Our Velocity
    Asia Cruise - Selfish
    Donna Summer - Stamp Your Feet
    Fantasia - When I See U
    Lifehouse - Whatever It Takes
    Jaicko - Fast Forward

    - We can bring these songs back in Guitar Mode!

    Super Kidd - Dance Joyfully
    Loveholic - Come & Play
    Go Go Boys - Disco In The Moonlight

    - Updated in-game.

    Buddy Mission Battle
    Couple Levels Expansion
    Black Label Items
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    • Myu
      Myu commented
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      we are leo's heartbeats was my favorite song on audi u_u

    • Jennyfur.
      Jennyfur. commented
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      Myu let’s play block beat cuz they have Leo’s Heartbeats

    • Daisy
      Daisy commented
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      Myu holy yes mother of the whales heartbeats

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    event cash / lowering rb prices
    indef items from the get go, not after a certain amount of patches
    skip license function
    better songs
    better ca/gm involvement with players
    more advertisements
    more events
    better events
    better non-toxic community
    better non-toxic community
    better non-toxic community
    better non-toxic community
    better non-toxic community
    and one last thing,
    better non-toxic community


    • Alei
      Alei commented
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      Redbana never learn.

    • Daisy
      Daisy commented
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      caweeaboo, does our streak not me anything to you ........

    • Shxt
      Shxt commented
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      hi wut @Daisy
      im SRY WHAT U MEAN

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    Actual realistic suggestions.

    Add a VSynch OFF option.

    PVS has a configuration value that forces VSynch OFF, I think we should learn from them.

    Delete the songs that are not in the game if you're not going to add them back.

    Seriously, everybody knows that you have these songs coded in the game, just permanently delete them or add some of them back.
    Poker Face, Face Drop, Everytime We Touch, etc.

    Add an advertisement video on Youtube.

    Clean your feed, make up some effects, make a video, done.

    Fix the Replay Issue.

    Replays have problems when saved in some parts of the world, I've seen these problems with some parts of EU.

    Add Forum Staff

    Make forum staff applications, the implementation of forum personnel will facilitate the way the forums is handled by deleting and managing posts that are not accorded to our guidelines including advertisement, hate speech, posts in the wrong section and posts in the wrong sub-section, it is obligatory that the individuals who assist this feature have no privileges on the actual game, to prevent bias on certain topics, I myself was a Forum Moderator on various game and server forums, I think the addition of this property will make a positive impact on the population of the forums.


    • Alei
      Alei commented
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      I also used to be a forum moderator.

    • Noden
      Noden commented
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      moderator squad

    • Alei
      Alei commented
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    Here's a few I'll say
    -More Clothes to choose from
    -Lower some of the prices. Seriously I just paid 35ish bucks for a red see through shirt with a 20% discount too.
    -Indef items gotta happen sooner or later, waiting for events just to buy certain items at a certain time isn't exactly the best choice.
    -Definitely more music, I preferably want more EDM/House/Dance music. (Distrion, Nitro Fun, Virtual Riot, Electro-Light, Monstercat, Gammer, Alesso, Avicii, etc.)
    -Add fullscreen/windowed resolution options
    -GMs and CAs keep up the good work as well, you're doing great jobs.
    -Gotta get them advertisements out, I often see Audition on the Recently Updated page on Steam.
    -Is it too late to ask for optimization? My i7 6700k drops to 100fps.
    -Recommending staying more on top of the community, like everyone else here less toxic.
    -Try best to catch up to other versions of Audi, or so they say.
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    Hardcore Gamer. IGN: Dva Am I a troll? Sometimes.
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      Ok here is my list:
      -Maestro title item (in shop)
      -New cpl lvls
      -Mascot shop ( sick of waiting more than a month of mandrake)
      -Bigger resolutions for screen -> Also widescreen version would be nice.
      -Would be nice, if the CAs stop bullying people on other social media platforms. Or if that's not possible, some people should not be CA any longer. And no, I don't mean all and everyone from our CA team. Don't feel attacked or anything. The person who is ment with this, already knows that i mean him/her.
      - X-Trap improvement! Many hacks do not get detected by X-trap. And it's really sad.
      -We need someone with a lot know-how who can chek the reports for hacks etc. Someone who can see the difference between real playing and autokeys in replay files. Yes there is a difference!
      -Add 1 2 Party tourneys
      - Let all tourney medals give exp x2. Maybe then people will stop to abuse so much with hacks on expert.
      -Special Effect box (in Kau its next to the icons button)


      • #8
        My list:

        - more 1,2 Party Events + Space Pang Pang
        - update the community choice topic
        - add 1,2 party tourneys (like sunnydoll said xd)
        - could u change the tourney time, bit more soon? xd


        • Paint
          Paint commented
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          pre tournament

        • Daisy
          Daisy commented
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          space pang pang tournament? that sounds like stress to my eyes ;_;

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        -patches that add more than just songs
        -actual patch notes
        -more music variety (we already have a lot of house music/edm/remixes)
        -Bring back the CA blog. There needs to me more transparency with the CA's - I have no idea what each of the CAs do and what they have achieved since given the role (give credit where credit is due)
        -bug fixes
        -revive the forums
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        • Sem
          Sem commented
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          "-actual patch notes" true

        • Daisy
          Daisy commented
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          +1 to patch notes.

          I loved it too.

      • #10
        As a long time on/off player, most of us have outgrown the game so you need to attract the new, younger community or whats left of it.

        Update the hell out of what is already added to start before you add new stuff.
        1. Mission Book Update
        2. Couple Levels, many people are over 76k hearts for YEARS.
        3. Add more couple rings and licenses to mall.
        4. Ballroom songs
        5. Legit BEAT UP SONGS that are difficult to revive beat up community
        6. Same with guitar songs
        7. Fix Music Ranking section and guitar channel
        8. Change avatars on the site to updated ones
        9. Change giftbox prizes in the game regularly as you do with Bana Gacha and add the cash giftbox , Diego Gift Box
        10. Add new FAM shop items (houses, forum board , bank etc)
        11. Update FAM battle mode


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          Lower item prices or monthly bonus % for top up !


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            My clothes/pet requests (can be a good idea to put them in GACHA):

            Do we have some 'Love Live! School Idol Festival' fans here? Then you might like this:
            Original outfit pic

            Audition version of this outfit:
            Click image for larger version

Name:	103939mzvz43ow0xyyxvs6.png
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	103936muvbugkvhbzijbdb.png
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            Here is one for the unicorn fans
            Click image for larger version

Name:	121354bji3gwbfj4gdi3cj.gif
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            Attached Files


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              Here something for the D.VA / Overwatch fans:
              It looks super cute
              Click image for larger version

Name:	dva.audition.PNG
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Size:	140.2 KB
ID:	20028

              And two other nice outfits:
              Click image for larger version

Name:	longdress.PNG
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ID:	20032
              Click image for larger version

Name:	123122arsd8hks5n3tkghf.png
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Size:	198.8 KB
ID:	20031


              • Daisy
                Daisy commented
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                That winky is so cute. Can we make my character say hey daddy-o or just say hey daddy