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What's wrong with Redbana and how to improve?

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  • What's wrong with Redbana and how to improve?

    Hello! If you guys don't know, I am Tracey, I used to run monthly patch ideas in this forums before I was diagnosed with cancer and stopped. Things have gotten better now though!
    I recently just came back to Audition literally two weeks ago to see a deathland, why is this? What is wrong with Redbana and how can we improve this game in order to bring new members in.
    1. How outdated the game looks.
    Before I left, things were heading in the right direction, possibly due to the Summer Screens event that recently occurred. The Loading Screens selected (besides mine) looked amazing, the game looked more clean and thus allowed the game to look more fresh. However, in recent times, the loading screens look horrible now. They look like they were made back in 2008, this also shows with the event notices and other graphics besides the website. Here's a comparisation with Redbana and other servers around.
    As you can see, even the 2008 graphics from Korean Audition look way better than Redbana's. Most Chinese Audi posters also look aesthetically pleasing to the person's eye. Redbana's notices look way unwelcoming and overwhelming for a person to look at and the main reason for a notice to exist is to inform. For the recent event server one, it just says "Spam for EXP!", if I was a new player, can't I just say "Oh, can't I spam for EXP in the Free Server?". Posters and graphic designs are there to communicate and inform people about anything. Here are two examples that I have done, a loading screen and a notice both with updated characters and graphics.

    @Tiahna, I have no idea who is designing the loading screens and notices but Redbana seems like an eight year old is creating these graphics, I'm sorry. Get rid of that nasty Now Loading font as well please. Perhaps hold another loading screen event or have your new CAs or a dedicated volunteer team (with perhaps free BANACASH incentives) to make your graphics.

    2. Marketing
    Guys, remember this?

    This was iconic, it was made for a reason, to promote Audition. I'm not saying Redbana should blow their budget for filming something like this but maybe make a video event and the winner has their video on YouTube advertising? https://www.youtube.com/yt/advertise/pricing/
    It doesn't cost that much and can also cater to a lot of people resulting in a lot of people coming towards the game.

    3. Decisions, decisions, decisions.
    This part is like my monthly patch, except way concise.

    - Make everything indefinite, there's literally no harm, people will buy more, you'll get more C$$$$.
    - Have better events! Follow Korean Audi's footsteps and give people free cash! EVENT CASH system will help Redbana thrive, do you see Superstar SMTOWN and how it's thriving, it's because people have the ability to get free Diamonds/CASH.
    - Get better songs, use SoundCloud, work with mashuppers, I don't want Redbana to sound like an indie/taylorswift pre 2008 game.
    - Beginner Channel, or else how are people gonna practice.
    - Get the new Love Party levels, please everyone is already capped.
    - Champion Tournament.

    I guarantee you, if Redbana improves on three of these aspects, an influx of new players will come rushing in.
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    Marvelously well said -snaps- -round of applause-


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      Oh crap haven't seen this angel in forever
      Let me add on to these from a consumer stand point what I think from these too. After all as us consumers it's our job to voice our opinions of course.

      - Oh crap you know it's true Redbana LOL
      - Nice examples btw, they should pay you for like monthly ones or something

      - Heck YouTube uploads, live gameplays, Twitch, Beam (Which is now renamed to Mixer), Facebook, livestreams, getting their name out there, gaining notice. Simple things they lack right now. The game is a cult following and it's getting smaller and smaller as I look.
      - I'm sure they can reel in new players with some advertising attempts at least. This ain't big like Nexon but come on.

      - Indefinite is what we all wanted. When I look at a timed item, I think why would I buy that repeatedly when I can have that item I can have forever? It's unappealing and pushes me away from buying plenty of things. Not to mention, Redbana.... every other server has this... Indefinite.
      - The events a few of them have actually been decent but the rest ehh.... I see like a few participating people They're just not interesting to reel almost ANY OF US in. I'm up for free money tho
      - Songs of course lacking, hasn't been good in a LONG time with a few ok things here and there.
      - I actually agree with the beginner thing because I do see new players still coming in. However there's not that many players to support the channel imo. If anything increase the channel 1's size and have more direct tutorials and guides for the newbies.
      - and Idk anything about the last two
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        I remember you from the old days tho haha,
        we can improve this game dont worry.
        I mean its a great game if we work on it together.

        Kindly Regards,


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          y r u talking like ur part of rb staff

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        And you should really try to fix your DIRECT DOWNLOAD. It works at random times. I just downloaded it last week and I got on the game no probs. Then as I pressed enter after inputting my information, it says DISCONNECTED FROM SERVER. I had to resort to steam to download it and even then I got bored just looking at how audition looks the same. As with the loading screens, you should of just skipped the text entirely.
        And welcome back Tracey xoxo

        daibetes x alkhurma // j.y.


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          thanks daisy xoxo

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        Okay for me the thing that bothers me the most is. I'm mostly talking to YOU T3

        1: - The UI is so outdated, it's the same old Lobby UI, Server select, waiting room UI.
        - The Rankings looks WAY nicer, at least implement a similar method all over the game
        - The buttons should be flatter too and doesn't look 90's

        2: The game ENGINE is old. yes it's old, enable Audition to run multiple cores for better and higher fps Audition uses ONLY single core [It also doesn't even allow 50% usage of one core]. hence the lower fps.
        - games like csgo has higher fps than audi which uses two or more cores and they have more demanding graphics than Audition.
        Let me tell you this even game such as PVS uses cores much better than this. hence they are able to reach 990 Fps

        3: Let's stop using DIRECT DRAW for UI. Instead use a png.
        - Using direct draw for UI is really inefficient. stresses graphics card and produce more heat; especially if you use anti aliasing. it's a wreck.
        - It also will have a lines if you use performance mode in Nvidia panel which makes it look terrible
        - Also Audition uses blocks for the UI, aka they stick it together to make say, channel select UI

        Instead of creating a whole new game that failed such as Audition 2, WIA
        Why don't you all spend time focusing on this game itself that no one wants to move on?

        Computers these days are well over good enough to run this game over 1000 fps

        Lines in using Direct Draw for UI

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          This requires a major overhaul by Hanbitsoft and T3, it probably will happen as more and more people start complaining over there.

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        Korean Audition always gives players a lot of free cash for their support. But Redbana never.And I wonder why. We players are still supporting Redbana and charging lots of cash though it is clearly not as up-to-date as other version. When you make a lot of money you need to give back to the community in order to gain even more. Make all items indefinite. Have more sales. Give more coupons.


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          Originally posted by redbanaplease View Post
          Korean Audition always gives players a lot of free cash for their support. But Redbana never.And I wonder why. We players are still supporting Redbana and charging lots of cash though it is clearly not as up-to-date as other version. When you make a lot of money you need to give back to the community in order to gain even more. Make all items indefinite. Have more sales. Give more coupons.
          Agreed, if Tianha knows how EVENT CASH works in KAU maybe we can get Redbana give it to us? EVENT CASH expires and is earn from checking in to Audi for multiple days or from the BFF system.
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            Well, i mean. Didn't PVS rewrite the whole entire ACV system too? Or well.. Used another encrypt for it..


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              ^ Na they just cleaned up the source code and fixxed some bugs and changed their encryption.

              Kindly Regards,


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              You can't revive something that has been dead. It's like trying to dig up Edgar Allan Poe back up to write more poems.


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                More new guitar songs can help to improve! Every 12 or 16 weeks. One two three songs in two years really not enough! There are many guitar player in game!