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Buddy Garden Experience & Suggestions [Points & Basket/Prize Duration]

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  • Buddy Garden Experience & Suggestions [Points & Basket/Prize Duration]

    Garden Nerd strikes again LMAO whenyoufeelikeyou'retypingupalab

    Not a generalized experience, just mine.
    After doing the Buddy Garden system for a good while. I haven't really experimented this on the other servers or tried on any alternate accounts on this server so hopefully someone can comment if they've had similar experience here or on other servers.

    Experience from 02-23-17 to 06-01-17

    On Redbana, there's 200 Buddy Points MAX players can earn to spend on the Buddy Board / Buddy Garden , the Flower/Polka Dot basket can be purchased for 3,000 BANA CASH for 7 days and decreases the points used for each command down by a few Buddy Points.

    There is some inconsistency with this it's really hard to keep track of because of the maximum amount of buddy points

    With the basket & without the basket:
    It takes a lot of buddy points the to get the flower to stage 5.

    The time it took me to use 200 points.
    This varied on the time it took me to get enough points (in batches of 50,100 and so on) to care for any plant in my garden throughout the day .
    Rough Estimation * Gaining 200 Buddy Points took about 1~3 days depending on the games I played and if my friends gave me buddy points. I would say out of everything this bugged me the most. Even with the point decrease I still wasn't able to use the basket effectively because the time it took to gain a good amount of points.

    1-5 flowers , without the basket
    A few hours

    10 flowers or less , with the basket
    About 2 days

    15 flowers or less , with the basket
    About 1 day

    Yarn/Bags & Prizes:
    I only was able to get 2 Rock Paper Scissors bags. Luckily it scored me 20 extra yarn after winning my two matches against a friend .
    The color of yarn was consistent. If I needed a certain color I would get most likely get it when the next 1-3 flowers were at stage 5.
    The shocking thing that gets me is the yarn count can go up to the hundreds LMAO. Like yo if only we got RPS bags every time then maybe but at this rate you'd have to do Buddy Garden for a few months - a year before you start to see hundreds of one color (or you'll be that lucky to get RPS bags more often).

    The rewards from Buddy Garden are cool! (Although I'd like to see the rubix cube outfit return ) . So far in total I spent about 12k (30 days) on baskets and about 1 1/2 months of no baskets to have enough for 2~3 7 day items (but that was just my luck since it's random lol)

    Increase Buddy Point limit to 300~600 points.
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    I recommend getting the garden decorations (indef) instead of the pot, you only need a few to reduce the costs to 1 and they only take up a few plant slots (for each square taken up by a decoration the costs are reduced by 1)
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      Yooo! I didn't even think of that. I'm going to get them now LOL. Thanks for the tip Jason *u * !

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      You're welcome, Shae