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    Originally posted by Reproductive View Post

    Ok, you need to chill out. I've been playing this server since it released. Even before over at Nexon Beta, while i have many accounts and many IGNS like you said. You need to lay back. I was once like that and i gave up after i noticed they dont care.
    Just go play on AudiPVS. They wont add guitar songs. Literally. We are missing so much content. Just stop playing. Thats how the guitar players here are revolting. We are just not playing Guitar mode here. Thats why we are all on AudiPVS. PVS tourney has like 20-30 people. Just go there and have fun.

    It annoyed me the last few days to know that they are not adding any new songs. I know it because you have already said it several times. A friend and I were still trying to inspire new players for guitar. but it makes no sense if guitar does not get any update. Redbana lives in contrast to other servers with everything in the Stone Age. Nevertheless, I did not want to give up, because Redbana is my mainserver. But it makes me tired and mad to put my energy into it every day. It has been noticed that certain players did not come to the tournament anymore. Every day hoping they will come back. Often it was just enough to start that tournament. And it only started when I was annoyed that the tournament started in a few minutes. I did not enjoy that either. The last few days could not start despite the same effort. And that is one reason why I was angry. To give up is hard, it brings a bad feeling with it. Sadness. But I've been thinking about your words and maybe you're right and it's time to give up. I want to thank you for that. Your words make it easier for me. You could have ignored the post and I would not have thought about it. Thank you!

    So, now I'm going to play some rounds guitar.

    I have to practise unknown songs!