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  • The Garden crashes every time i press seed. and this thing appears


    • Added:

      Fashion MallCouple Garden
      • A rare seed obtainable from boxes after you harvest flowers is glitched and will cause you to disconnect upon pickup and whenever you try to plant seeds.

      • Activation emails can take over an hour to arrive after registration. (Activation was removed from the registration process.)
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      • Originally posted by Yo~ View Post
        Block Beat: In the song Galantis - Smile there are around 100 notes or less (depending on which side) with the majority of the notes being the spacebar. It was like godsend when I saw those few arrows pop up.
        Reposting since it got ignored.

        Mode: Block Beat
        Song: Galantis - Smile (128 bpm)
        In block beat, this song's chart consists of mostly the spacebar and has little to almost no arrows.

        Right side (current player view 'Yo'):
        101 notes consisting of 42 notes for arrows and 59 notes for spacebar
        3:46-3:42 8 arrows
        3:39-3:35 6 arrows

        2:46-2:42 8 arrows
        2:39-2:35 6 arrows

        1:46-1:42 8 arrows
        1:39-1:35 6 arrows

        Left side (partner view 'K8'):
        83 notes consisting of 24 notes for arrows and 59 notes for spacebar
        3:43-3:39 8 arrows
        2:43-2:39 8 arrows
        1:43-1:39 8 arrows
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        • tr848
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          idk why I didn't see your post before. Sorry about that. Thanks for reporting it again.

      • I'm not sure if this was stated before, but for Childish Gambino - The Crawl, it's actually Earth: The Oldest Computer.
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        • not sure if this was added already but item glitches at the waist no matter what skin color it is
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          • Gina
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            u will not be getting that top or bottom dear skulls

        • uhhh this is kinda a multistep glitch(?? or is this supposed to happen)

          after you go to rankings > click on 'couple level' tab > leave immediately after > come back to rankings > goes to Astraeus level ranking, not front page of level rank

          same happens after clicking on 'couple garden' tab > leave rankings > come back to rankings > goes to PowerGulp's level rank



          • tr848
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            Thanks for reporting.
            Although this is technically a bug, since it's not really game breaking and it also happens in kau, they may not fix it until kau does.
            I'll report it anyway though.

        • Added :

          Room/Lobby/GUI Issues
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          • I have a weird bug:
            I recently changed my ign to Chatshire and when I whisper back I still have my prev ign ( Kei~ ) and people are confused cause they whisper to Chatshire and when I reply they see Kei~
            zz any help with that?


            • How many years already and that mission still didnt get any fix?

              I also tried ˇ°Viva Auditionˇ± and didnt work either.
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                Guitar scores still dont work.