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Waiting for fixing the server connection....

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  • Waiting for fixing the server connection....

    I can't play this game anymore. When will the server connection be fixed??? I get DCs every minute. I can't even start one game.

    Sometimes I can't even make it to the server channel's list.

    Loading like 2 minutes and DC

    And this here is not even the lobby of channel 1...

    I am using the steam version of the game. This bad connection is only on my main computer. My bad laptops can log in and play even with a wifi connection, wich is so much more bad than the internet to my main computer.

    This problem is also not linked to my account because I tried to log in other accounts of me and I had the same problem.

    I can also not solve the problem with a restart. Tried it already. And I have it since last update


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    Its just weird that you only having the disconnection issue since it works for another people.
    I think it started since you moved on a new internet provider what blocks certain ports of the game.
    Just check your router settings.
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      Oh yes, could be.
      I don't understand this kind of things. So wich port should not be blocked?? I am confused.



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        maybe this helps you

        i just found this here in forum xD


        • Leebyn
          Leebyn commented
          Editing a comment
          Just a small note- the server IPs have changed since that thread post date. The remote port numbers afaik are still the same, so it should still be relevant.

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        I don't know where I have to change this huh q,q
        But my redbana page is also not loading sometimes...
        I try to find where but I can#t find this