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  • Line Graphic Issues >_<

    I followed the steps on one of the threads regarding on how to edit NVIDIA 3D settings to improve this game's graphics. I'm using a good computer with high specs (made for gaming). But in this game, I am having this random line graphic issues in my avatar. Look closely in the picture and you will see. This also appears in some part of the games background. I played all around with the NVIDIA settings and the only setting that is triggering this is when I change the "Antialiasing - Setting". But, the game looks better when I set this in high, and I want to play the game with this setting on. I don't like the "stair step" edges when this is off. How should I modify this to make the antialiasing work properly? I just wanted to make it look like the hq avatar models seen in the game's website and promotions. The photos I saw from those old threads on how to edit the NVIDIA settings are so good. I wanna play just like with those settings. My game already looks like theirs except for this random line graphic issues. Anyone pls help
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    [That's an antialiasing issues with new graphics card...

    Step 1: Download NvidiaProfileInspector >___<

    Step 2: Find Audition

    Step 3: Find Antialiasing fix and turn it on

    Step 4: Apply Changes

    if it doesn't work maybe you should just use Intel Graphics


    [Optional] Also MSAA [even with 8x] isn't the best antialiasing. If you want the best antialiasing that's extra sharp use 16xS it's way way sharper but also kills your fps a bit (32xS is useless it's not noticeable). Use fraps to capture best Screenshot (make sure to select png)

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    • Leebyn
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      I had no idea about this fix, thanks for sharing!

    • Reproductive
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      Would this work with AMD?

    • Printemps
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      ^ no u arse

      On the other hand, next week I'll probably be posting things about anti aliasing, screenshot ideas, fps unlocks for intel that no longer require hacking

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    WOW thanks so much! It so much better now, it's all fixed! thaaaaaaaaaaaanks

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      Yeah old method doesn't work because it's ''old'' It's different today