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Guitar Tournament Finals Round Bug

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  • Guitar Tournament Finals Round Bug

    It's been 3 days of joining the tournament with this same problem. When it's time to flash the Top 3's scores at the end of the round and who the winner is, it won't show any of it. Thus no one wins the medal on that day.

    In anticipation for your resolve on this issue!

    - Chibs

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    The bug on guitar tournament goes to the fourth day!!!

    There are more Bugs. It begins with the first round. Every round Guitar Tournament crashed for some Player in the middle of the Song. They cant come back to Guitar Tournament. I dont know if the game closed or only the Tournament closed, because for me didnt crashed the game yet (i failed before xD) At the end the same like the other days. No medal and no Points. I checked the points before and after the tournament in the rankings.

    Its time to find the problems and fix them!!!

    - Daalya


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      The bug on guitar tournament goes to the fifth day!!!

      The fifth day at guitar tournament noone get any point too. The last final round show no points for the last three players. No medal, no Points.
      Today not so many ppl crashed like yesterday before it ends.
      But the problem already the same.

      - Daalya