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Bug's part3

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  • Bug's part3

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    Hey look, it's my old high schools mascot, a ram.


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      Darn, earlier in the week I thought that might happen, but I forgot to check it haha. Thanks for catching it.

      Similar to the FAM and Couple Garden attendance "daily reset" issues, BGM Master schedules the result tally daily at 0:50 to 1:00 in game time. Since the game server was offline due to maintenance, it couldn't tally the month's results and I guess it goes blank like this.

      It'll happen again for the server maintenance on February 28th into March 1st (and October 31st to November 1st but I hope it's fixed by then.)

      I totally forgot about this when I reported the attendance issues x-x for some reason I thought the BGM update time was 23:50 to 0:00 lol
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