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Fresh format cant save replay

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  • Fresh format cant save replay

    Ive opened a topic about this like a year ago, and im having another problem regarding this.

    Ok so i just recently format'd my laptop, and somehow my replays are not savable, sometimes everything goes gray, sometimes it doesnt go all gray, but still not savable.

    Current location : Taiwan

    Any gms or moderators can solve dis?

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    Hi Pentacidal, I read your previous post and have some questions here:
    • What do you mean everything goes grey? When you attempt to save a game, does the entire screen turn grey or just the save button?
      • Does the greyness disappear?
      • Can you post a picture/screenshot of what or where the grey is?
    • If it is the save button, is the button already grey before you try press save?
    • What game mode are you trying to save replays on?
    Certain game modes won't allow you to save replays.
    I'm not sure of this affects anything but are you able to run your other computer programs normally after the format?

    Caterina | Special Master | Mercy


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      Caterinaa normal mode, the save replays on the right side, not the top left.
      K so like, i use my other laptop to run audition, and play with myself. And when i try to save my replay, it will sometimes go grey AFTER I CLICK IT, or it doesnt go grey, but still not savable.

      I understand that my replays are not savable. But what concerns me the most is that, it goes grey after clicking on the save replay

      Lets say u try to save my replay, and thenbit will go grey AFTER U CLICK IT. or it just simply doeant go ggrey but not savable.


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        The save button does turn grey after it is pressed. How are you checking to see if your replys are saved? are you getting a popup saying replay failed? Have you checked your replay folder in windows explorer?

        The path should be: .../Redbana/Audition/RECDATA/
        Caterina | Special Master | Mercy


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          Amy ik they do, im taking about when others trynna save mine omg read my post when i said i used my other laptop to run audi to play with myswlf and to save my own replays

          And yes i do get save replay errors popup


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            Tbh can i have an actual GMs or CAs help or anyone who actually knows thr solution for this
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                They answered you in your previous thread but you refuse to accept the answers, even a CA answered your question. The same thing happens to me, I live in Brazil and it happens because we live far from the server (it's the high latency, your internet speed doesn't even matter).

                The replay system was poorly made and it will always be, the fact that sometimes when you watch your own replay it doesn't space at the white bar is just because replays are glitched, there is really nothing you can do, just accept it~ All the issues you stated happen/happened to me, even getting dc when you try to save your own replay.

                If you want to save correctly your character playing, I guess you should record the game using a program like OBS Studio or Bandicam.
                I truly, deeply, love you


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                  Uhm, the thing here is i didnt "refuse" leebyn's answers, ik its coz of the high latency, that causes replay errors,

                  What im askin here is, sometimes my replay goes grey, like replay block yo.... Or whatever block its called


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                    If you block the replay TCP port, all the replay buttons will turn gray. But also, if you say it's just sometimes, it must be just random. Yes it also happens to me, I can't save anyone's replay sometimes because they all turn gray. I'm not sure why it happens but I believe if you try to save someone's replay and get transmit error, the next round all replay buttons will turn gray for some reason~

                    Basically, this issue is also a glitch in the replay system and there is nothing we can do, not even Redbana. Only real developers of the game would fix these issues.
                    I truly, deeply, love you


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                      Idek how to block a replay.. And i see.. if latency is also the cause of all replays goin grey.... Well thrn