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Maintenance eating date/love attendance's reset?

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  • Maintenance eating date/love attendance's reset?

    @title. Have been noticing this for the past few maintenance.

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    Yeah, mine is still 4/24 and I can't click today ~
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      This has happened 4 times already, I'm also stuck on 4/24 and unable to click. Then we have to wait until next maintainence and miss out of those days/prizes.. Helllllllo new GMs, can you help us out?! Much appreciated.
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        Can any of you guys post a screen shot of what this problem looks like?
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          Yeah, it's been a known issue for a while now. Ever since daylight savings time. Leebyn and I figured one of the factors behind it could be maintenance being scheduled earlier than usual.

          Either way, it should go back to normal after the following day. You have a couple of days to make up for any absences to get all of the rewards. It's surely an issue they have to fix soon.


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            Yup, it's because of the maintenance time not allowing the game server to properly register the date change. They have to keep the game server running when the time strikes midnight or it'll do this every single time. The next day will happen fine though - you can do the attendance and everything now.

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              Hello Everyone,

              The developers were already aware of this issue, they are already planning something on how they will fix this. We GMs are not sure when is the exact date for this issue to be fixed
              so just stay tuned guys. Thank you.